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Injection Machine Operator in Enka, North Carolina at Southeastern Container Inc.

Date Posted: 11/2/2018

Job Snapshot

Job Description

REPORTS TO: Team Leader

Summary: Responsible for operation of injection molding equipment, crane system and any related equipment that is necessary to assure production of injection molded parts of optimum quality.

Duties and Responsibilities include the following; other duties may be assigned as necessary.

  • Start, stop, and run injection molding machines and crane system per established safety and operational procedures.
  • Monitor resin and colorant feed and supply to assure continuous operation of the equipment. Verify that the correct product is produced using the correct resin in the correct color as specified by Production Scheduling. Coordinate preform and color changes as necessary.
  • Monitor production for adherence to quality specifications and notify the Team Leader or Injection Operations Manager of potential problems. Troubleshoot and profile machines as necessary. Work with the Team Leader or Injection Operations Manager to isolate any production that has been identified as out of specification.
  • Account for machine scrap. Complete all required scrap tags and labels for scrap tracking. Process scrap as directed by the Team Leader or Injection Operations Manager.
  • Perform visual and technical tests on preforms to verify conformity to SQMS standards. Immediately report any out of specification product to the Team Leader or Injection Operations Manager.
  • Monitor support equipment such as dryers, chiller and crane system and immediately report any obvious malfunctions to the Team Leader or Injection Operations Manager. Assure that any automated defect detection or quality test equipment appears to be operating correctly. Perform any tests to calibrate equipment as directed.
  • Perform maintenance on equipment such as changing Husky neck rings and assist with mold cleanings.
  • Maintain a clean working environment and follow all safety guidelines and policies at all times. Report any unsafe conditions to the Team Leader or Injection Operations Manager.
  • Complete any required reports as directed by the Team Leader or Injection Operations Manager.
  • Perform other duties as requested by the Team Leader or Injection Operations Manager.
  • Comply with all activities related to product safety, legality, regulatory compliance and quality.

Job Requirements


  • Monitor material, visual parts inspection and repair.
  • Repair preforms with file in a debur motion.
  • Monitor operations, reach and handle tray of hardened plastic (40# lifting range).
  • Full cart dump 85# lift (2-people) Strength required to lift 51# in the waist to shoulder range.
  • Assist with conveyor jams (full body range of motion required)
  • Push/pull boxes of preforms.
  • Pick up preforms from floor and conveyors.
  • Keep work areas clean.


  • M
  • H when using crowbar or lift, push pull > 50#.

Physical Demands

  • Lift - Occasional
  • Carry - Occasional
  • Push Pull - Occasional
  • Sit - Occasional
  • Stand - Constant
  • Walk - Constant
  • Bend / Squat - Constant
  • Reach & Handle - Constant
  • Climb - Occasional
  • Heights - Yes

Working Hours

  • 12-hour shift
  • 1 30-minute meal break
  • 2 15-minute breaks

US Employment Service Terms 

Physical Demand Level or Strength                 Task Frequency  

S - Sedentary - 0-10#                                          NP - Not Present

L - Light - 10#-20#                                              Occasional: 0 to 33% of the time

M - Medium - 20#-50#                                      Frequent: 34% to 66 % of the time 

H - Heavy - 50#-100#                                        Constant: ­ 67% of the time          

VH - Very Heavy- ­ 100#                                


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